This eBook will provide an overview of the new way to buy and sell diamonds. It will include a look at the mechanics of buying and selling using digital tools and outline the benefits to both buyers and sellers.

• The Idea of a Global Exchange: Learn how digital technology Online_Diamond_Trading_eBook_2.pnghas broken down the geographical barriers that used to separate diamond buyers and sellers.

• The Online Diamond Trading Network: A Digital, Global Bourse: The majority of the world’s diamond inventory is available throughout the supply chain via online global exchanges. See how this impacts buyers and sellers.

  • Instant Distribution Channels for Suppliers
  • Expanded Selection for Buyers
  • More Customers and Pricing Availability for Dealers and Manufacturers

• How Being an Educated Buyer or Seller Leads to Better Business and More Connections: Since online diamond trading networks offer current price and supply availability on the diamonds that are being traded, see how you can turn this knowledge into power.

The New Diamond Buyer-Seller Relationship: Find out how to access new markets, make new connections and optimize the new diamond buyer-seller relationship.

Diamond Apps: Learn about the growing number of solutions designed specifically for those in the diamond business.

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