Digital Advertising for Retail Jewelers 101

Posted by Ellen Fruchtman on August 6, 2017

Let’s face it, everyone wants to master this advertising medium that is all-consuming. And for most, that is simply not attainable. You could devote every waking hour to keeping up on the latest trends (which can literally change weekly). And, I’m quite sure that’s not the best use of any business owner’s time. Truth be told, it’s so very new, it’s hard to call anyone a true “expert”. The problem with hiring a digital marketing company is that you don’t know enough about marketing to assess how they are performing. At the very least though, you should know the basics of digital marketing.

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How to Boost Targeted Traffic to Your Diamond Jewelry Store

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on May 8, 2016

It’s not so hard to drive general traffic to your website, but what you really want is to attract the right traffic that will meet your business goals: sales and customers. There are several marketing methods that will enable you to drive targeted traffic to your website, find the right leads and help you close the best deal.

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Topics: How to Grow Your Diamond Jewelry Store, DIamond Jewelry Store, increase jewelry store sales, Selling Diamonds, Marketing your diamond jewelry store

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