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Shoshi is the Marketing Coordinator for RapNet. She enjoys learning all things marketing, but her favourite thing is spending time with her family, especially over a delicious meal!

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RapNet Webinar: Safe Trading

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on December 11, 2017

Hosted by GemAtlas - 7th December, 2017

This webinar, presented by RapNet COO, Saville Stern, discusses the best practices for trading diamonds safely online and avoiding fraud. The webinar was hosted by GemAtlas.

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Topics: Safe Trading

Trading Diamonds Safely: Panel Discussion at JCK 2017

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on July 9, 2017

When trading diamonds online, it is vital to protect yourself from thieves and scammers. RapNet addressed the issue at this year's JCK Las Vegas by hosting a panel discussion on trading safely online.

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Topics: Best Practices, Safe Trading

Trading Safely Online: Top Tips for Avoiding Email Fraud, Phishing Scams and Hackers

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on January 24, 2017

Trading online has many great advantages. It’s easy, efficient and cost effective and opens you up to a world of diamonds and inventory which would otherwise be difficult to access. However, as with all business matters where money and high value items change hands, you must be sure to trade smart in order to avoid falling victim to would-be fraudsters.

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Topics: Safe Trading, Best Practices

6 Myths About Online Diamond Trading – DEBUNKED!

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on November 1, 2016

With so many industries making the transition from brick and mortar to the cloud, the diamond industry is following suit. But should it be? Or is going online a necessity for jewelers looking to survive in what seems like an inevitable industry-wide shift? Furthermore, does the internet actually make sourcing and selling diamonds easier, more convenient and less expensive? Or is it an unnecessary waste of time?

Find out the answers to these questions, as we debunk six of the most widespread myths surrounding the transition to buying and selling diamonds online.

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Topics: Online Diamond Trading

How to Negotiate Like a Boss in the Diamond Trading Business

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on September 27, 2016

Diamonds Traders value honor and tradition almost as much as they value the diamonds themselves. So when buying and selling diamonds, it is crucial to know and follow the unspoken rules of negotiation.

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Topics: Diamond Buyer, Diamond Seller, Diamond Pricing, Diamond Supplier, Selling Diamonds, How to Increase Your Diamond Supplier Base

8 Reasons You Need to be on an Online Diamond Trading Network Today

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on August 10, 2016

These days, 41% of people spend most of their time online with colleagues in professional networks. Joining a community dedicated to all things diamond, provides a unique place to find current market and pricing information and exchange ideas with other people interested in diamonds and diamond jewelry.

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Topics: Diamond Market, Diamond Buyer, Diamond Seller, Diamond Trends, Diamond History, Diamond Pricing, Online Diamond Trading, How to Increase Your Diamond Supplier Base

9 Psychological Reasons For Why People Buy Diamond Jewelry

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on May 24, 2016

Diamonds are beautiful and rare, but their practical uses are limited. Sure, you could argue that diamonds for the purpose of making industrial grade drill bits are useful, but those aren’t the kinds of diamonds found in a retail jewelry store. Since diamond jewelry in itself is not a functional gift, why then do people purchase diamond jewelry?

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Topics: How to Grow Your Diamond Jewelry Store, Diamond Trends, DIamond Jewelry Store, 4Cs, increase jewelry store sales, Diamond Seller, Customer Service, jewelry store customer retention

How to Boost Targeted Traffic to Your Diamond Jewelry Store

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on May 8, 2016

It’s not so hard to drive general traffic to your website, but what you really want is to attract the right traffic that will meet your business goals: sales and customers. There are several marketing methods that will enable you to drive targeted traffic to your website, find the right leads and help you close the best deal.

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Topics: How to Grow Your Diamond Jewelry Store, DIamond Jewelry Store, increase jewelry store sales, Selling Diamonds, Marketing your diamond jewelry store

The Magic and Mystery of a Diamond: A Unique Sales Tool for Jewelers

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on March 29, 2016

What is it about diamonds that has continuously fascinated and intrigued those who buy them? From their early discovery in India in the 4th century BC, diamonds have been a source of myth, legend, and folklore. Through time, diamonds have continued to hold great allure and romanticism everywhere in the world. The intrinsic magic of a diamond can be used as a unique selling tool for all diamond jewelry retailers.

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Topics: About Diamonds, Diamond Characteristics, Diamond Myth and Magic, Selling Diamonds, Diamond Seller, Diamond History

How Retail Diamond Jewelers Can Leverage Social Media Networks

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on March 15, 2016

Social media provides particular advantages in the marketing of diamond jewelry. The networking element means that the proverbial word-of-mouth is spread rapidly and extensively. The visual component means that jewelers can easily showcase their diamond jewelry, and the potential for positive reviews means that the jewelers themselves are presented well too. Moreover, given the amount of time that consumers spend on social media sites, advertising the jewelry store and its diamonds through targeted ads can also be a sound business move.

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Topics: How to Grow Your Diamond Jewelry Store, Online Diamond Jewelry Store, DIamond Jewelry Store, increase jewelry store sales, Social Media for Diamond Jewelry

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