Jaume Labro

Jaume Labro is the founder and visionary of Jaume Labro, a handcrafted Mokume Gane jewelry company. By combining traditional Japanese artisanship with bespoke, modern design, Labro has garnered renown among jewelry experts and fans alike. To explore his environmentally-conscious creations, visit www.jaumelabro.com, or contact him directly at info@jaumelabro.com.

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How Your Jewelry Business Can Benefit From Content Marketing in 2018

Posted by Jaume Labro on April 9, 2018

Today’s online jewelry industry is incredibly competitive and ever-changing, so how do you get ahead of your competitors? By focusing on what your prospective customers want. Even Google’s recent shift from keyword obsession to quality content reflects how dramatically the buying journeys of customers have changed in recent years.

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