Ben Yaniv Chechik

Ben Yaniv Chechik has much experience with the world of FinTech. As the CTO of international payment solution Payoneer and former VP Product of FinTech startup Zooz, among other positions, Mr. Chechik brings unique knowledge and perspective to the table when it comes to technology, product, R&D & operations management, along with startup strategy success

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Blockchain in the Diamond Industry: The current & potential impact of blockchain technology on diamond trading

Posted by Ben Yaniv Chechik on January 22, 2018

The diamond industry is extremely complex, with certain parts bearing risk. The new blockchain technology can offer banks and regulators a way to minimize this risk. Up until now, the capabilities of blockchain have not yet been unleashed to shine a light into the diamond industry. However, there is huge potential waiting to transform diamonds and gemstones trading.

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