Posted by RapNet on October 9, 2018

Read on to find out how the new Trade Center will affect the way you trade...

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5 FinTech Innovations That Can Help Online Jewelry Retailers

Posted by Nikolay Piriankov on July 31, 2018

As an online company, you may find that there are many technology solutions out there and there is always someone contacting you trying to sell you the next best “new solution”.

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How Your Jewelry Business Can Benefit From Content Marketing in 2018

Posted by Jaume Labro on April 9, 2018

Today’s online jewelry industry is incredibly competitive and ever-changing, so how do you get ahead of your competitors? By focusing on what your prospective customers want. Even Google’s recent shift from keyword obsession to quality content reflects how dramatically the buying journeys of customers have changed in recent years.

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Re-Cutting Diamonds

Posted by Mike Botha on March 14, 2018

The crystal structure of diamonds has a significant impact on what cut grade and more specific, polished grade could be achieved. Diamond surfaces are anisotropic, meaning that they have varying degrees of hardness. Some areas (crystal faces) can be cut and polished and others not. Diamond polishers have to know where to cut facets so as to avoid having any facets coinciding with such faces.

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RapNet Features Update

Posted by Jonny Katz on February 27, 2018

In January, RapNet launched a brand new website, with an upgraded, more intuitive search, a more user-friendly interface and some clever new features. 

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Get Smart! 3 Great Online Courses for Diamond Professionals

Posted by Rotem Biton on February 13, 2018


Knowledge is Power. Which explains why online courses have become so popular, with new platforms popping up regularly offering courses on practically any subject you can think of. According to Class Central, a whopping 58 million students signed up for at least one MOOC (massive open online course) in the past 5 years! Why are so many people turning to e-learning?

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Blockchain in the Diamond Industry: The current & potential impact of blockchain technology on diamond trading

Posted by Ben Yaniv Chechik on January 22, 2018

The diamond industry is extremely complex, with certain parts bearing risk. The new blockchain technology can offer banks and regulators a way to minimize this risk. Up until now, the capabilities of blockchain have not yet been unleashed to shine a light into the diamond industry. However, there is huge potential waiting to transform diamonds and gemstones trading.

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RapNet Webinar: Safe Trading

Posted by Shoshi Grossman on December 11, 2017

Hosted by GemAtlas - 7th December, 2017

This webinar, presented by RapNet COO, Saville Stern, discusses the best practices for trading diamonds safely online and avoiding fraud. The webinar was hosted by GemAtlas.

Watch it now!

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The New RapNet Inbox - a smarter, safer way to communicate

Posted by Jonny Katz on November 26, 2017

With over 30,000 transactions initiated in the RapNet inbox each month, the new inbox is a significant upgrade that will make your communication more secure, efficient and organized.


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What You Need to Know About the All-New Safer, Simpler and Smarter RapNet

Posted by Jonny Katz on November 22, 2017

RapNet has released a new platform, to make your online diamond trading more secure, efficient and user-friendly. Find out how the new platform will help you trade diamonds better.


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